We are keen in taking part and cooperating with various Renewable Energy industry related firms and organizations as part of our believes that it's a teamwork that makes any new industry a success. Therefore, Experience Provider SES along with our business partners work relentlessly to maintain strong ties with other industry players.


We are an active member of EDAMA association that is formed as a private sector partnership that seeks innovative solutions for energy and water independence, and their positive reflection on the environment.

EDAMA Association seeks to create a vibrant new economic sector of energy businesses, drive research, development and commercializing of Jordanian technologies, build public awareness and advocate for policies that will make Jordan a model of energy efficiency, water conservation, and environmental stewardship.

The Royal Scientific Society (RSS):

The Royal Scientific Society (RSS) in Jordan that is the largest applied research institution, consultancy, and technical support service provider in Jordan and is a regional leader in the fields of science & technology.


Jordan Renewable Energy Society (JRES) assists costumers and decision makers in facing the challenges in adopting Renewable Energy resources.

Jordan GBC:

Jordan Green Building Council is authorized by World GBC to establish the Jordan GBC to develop and implement innovative green building practices in every possible aspect.

Renewable Energy Firms:

We strongly believe in team work and cooperation, so we keep healthy relationships with other firms Jordan that are in the field of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Financial Institutions:

We actively seeking various International and local financial institutions that had keen interest in providing a range of financing options that are tailored to the renewable energy projects.

International Renewable Energy Industry Knowledge:

Keeping up-to-date with the industry is a key for building expert power. As part of our firm strategy, we continuously work on developing our expertise in our job and our industry to maintain the trust of our clients, and the people around us. Therefore, we had channels open with various industry leaders in this field that give us a competitive edge.