Re Projects Services


Our firm is capable of providing complete and comprehensive services list for all phases of the renewable energy project that spans the following:

  1. Feasibility Assessment
  2. Engineering and Design
  3. Supply and Procurement
  4. Planning and Project Management
  5. Delivery and Logistics
  6. Installation
  7. Testing
  8. Commissioning
  9. Operations and Maintenance

Feasibility Assessment

We work with each potential client to perform an on-site assessment of the host site general field site conditions and landscape to evaluate it for the type of the project such as; location, roof space, structure and membrane condition along with a preliminary review of the existing electrical components. Gathering this information allows us to develop a practical sizing of the opportunity and anticipated costs.

Engineering and Design

A client specific system design begins upon contract execution. System drawings are prepared to reflect structural, civil engineering, electrical and solar photovoltaic and wind projects requirements. Properly sized system drawings are generated based on each manufacturer's technical specifications for any given component to propose the optimal system for the client site.

Supply and Procurement

We use the industry's leading renewable energy manufacturers' mounting technologies and electrical components to deliver a system which provides the optimal performance and quality for the life of the system. We work with our manufacturing and distribution partners to provide the most efficient delivery logistics as the most current and competitive prices.

Solar Panels and Wind Turbines:

We source technologies for our renewable energy projects components from "best of breed" manufacturers, including; wind turbines and inverters, towers, and both mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline modules, as well as amorphous silicon modules for the widest variety of applications in the commercial environment. By working with our large volume partners, we are guaranteed the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Mounting Hardware:

Mounting hardware for various wind, and photovoltaic applications including penetration-less systems (ballasted) for flat roof mounting, as well as fixed mounted solutions are considered in the design phase. Some projects use a combination of different mounting systems in order to provide maximum performance, structural integrity, and economics. Our structural engineers design the most cost effective and long term infrastructure to meet each specific client's site requirements.

High Efficiency Inverters:

Inverters which provide the highest quality utility grade signal for grid interactive renewable energy systems are carefully selected for service. The inverters which we incorporate into the system are designed specifically into each project. Our electrical engineer and installation team ensure the overall integration of the system that meets all of the electrical capacity ranges and is specified to local code requirements.

Planning and Project Management

Our project design and planning services team brings years of experience in the structural, electrical, construction and energy industries to our wind and solar clients. The success of each project is dependent upon the expertise that smoothly integrates all phases from concept to financial modeling through installation to deliver the optimal system performance. A professional project manager will be assigned for your project from the initial assessment phase through system commissioning and ongoing system management.

Delivery and Logistics Services

We plan for timely product delivery that allow projects to be completed according to a set of milestones and material requirements, as well as the phased delivery of mounting hardware, modules, inverters, data acquisition systems and monitoring appliances. We work with our partners to ensure that inventory is available and secured to help meet project timelines.


We conduct detailed construction planning to ensure potential roadblocks are resolved and all host requirements are accommodated. Starting with the engineering and construction phase, the project team keeps a rigorous deliverable schedule which includes a detailed, project specific checklist. By placing special emphasis on the engineering and construction phase of each project, we maintain a clear channel of communication with installation teams. In the construction planning phase, the project team coordinates logistics to ensure such concerns as materials security, project oversight, and regularly scheduled status meetings are addressed.


We provide complete and comprehensive system testing at every step of the installation process. This commitment to quality means the testing phase is rigorous and thorough. The team makes sure:


We work with the local electrical utility to conclude system commissioning and confirm the system is certified for power generation.

Operation and Maintenance

In addition to the standard manufacturer's warranty service, we can provide at an additional cost other value added services such as; extended warranty, scheduled maintenance services, on-going management and monitoring services, remote access for real-time monitoring, continually optimize the efficiency of the system, and modules cleaning for PV Solar systems.

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