We are keen to provide the best PV modules to our clients, and our PV solar modules partner provides a range of PV solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale installations to meet customers' growing demands for application-specific products.

The product portfolio includes both standard and custom-tailored solutions, such as Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV).

The PV solutions are especially developed for challenging environments, such as desert regions and damp locations. The modules we offer come with positive power sorting and excellent warranty terms.

The solar modules are assembled with the world's highest degree of quality and reliability. They meet all the requirements of rigorous worldwide certifications standards, including IEC and UL

Residential PV Modules

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SF160 Mono BIPV Solarlris

Black Diamond Solar Modules

Black Diamond solar modules combine the performance and reliability of our partner's solar technology with a streamlined, slick, all-black appearance. The result is a high-performance solar module with an attractive aesthetic that is ideal for installations where appearance is a critical factor, such as residential or small commercial buildings.

Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Modules

Building Integrated Photovoltaics - BIPV - combine proven solar technology with traditional building materials. It is an exciting technology that allows solar systems to be an integrated part of buildings and structures, replacing conventional building materials

The BIPV solution enables:

Innovative Technology:
Our partner product is frameless "glass-on-glass" technology in an innovative solution for solar constructions. It is ideal for shading windows, replacing walls or skylights, and creating transparent roofing structures.

Each structure and project is different. We can customize the modules to meet your building's requirements.

Solarlris Modules

Five Key Features:
Solarlris modules are multi-functional elements serving as glazing material in façades and skylights.

  1. Energy generation
    The Solarlris elements are equipped with high performance solar cells for maximum energy generation.
  2. Design
    The Solarlris modules are available in a variety of colors and styles, allowing designers and architects to create attractive surfaces meeting the overall building concepts.
  3. Glare protection
    The Solarlris modules significantly reduce glare, enabling exiting, yet relaxing atmospheres in buildings where natural light is part of the lighting concept.
  4. Shading and solar control
    The Solarlris modules can be customized to transmit a percentage, usually 10 - 20 %, of natural light. This limits the thermal energy influx during the summer months, and as a result the cooling load is significantly reduced.
  5. Roof and façade skin
    The Solarlris modules serve as regular building cladding elements and can be used in most modern transom and mullion façade and skylight systems.

Commercial and Utility PV Modules

Download Products Datasheet:

SF260 Poly SF220 Poly SF190 Poly SF160 Mono

High Quality Solar PV Modules

The PV solar modules are built using cells that undergo rigorous materials testing before and during module production. The 5S Lean manufacturing process ensures uncompromised quality at every step. This produces a final solar module of the highest, most reliable integrity.

Module Manufacturing

  1. Prior to solar module assembly, each cell is individually inspected and power-matched for consistent performance
  2. Once assembled, each module undergoes further testing to ensure consistently high quality
  3. Each module is then given a complete visual inspection to verify that its appearance meets the highest standards
  4. Each module also undergoes additional testing via a calibrated solar simulator to ensure an accurate minimum power, voltage, and current rating
  5. ISO 9001, OHSAS certification, and TÜV factory inspections reinforce that the manufacturing is carried out under proven quality control and manufacturing processes

The results are UL, TÜV, CE, IEC certified products that customers can be confident to meet international standards for product safety, durability, and overall quality.

Solar Module Features

3-Busbar Configuration

Our PV solar partner's polycrystalline modules feature 3-busbar cells. By decreasing the amount of space between busbars and the distance the current must travel, the 3-busbar solar cells reduce current loss and increase cell power output. As such, the power output of a 3-busbar module is higher than a standard 2-busbar module.

Weather-resistant Solar Module Frame

The module frames are constructed of aluminum alloy, and treated to corrosion resistant oxidation coating, for maximum endurance in rugged weather conditions including water exposure, wind pressure, hail impact, and snow load.

EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate)

The modules benefit from EVA sourced from one of the world's most widely regarded, high-quality EVA producers. In addition to using the best raw material to encapsulate cells within modules, further, our partner conducts regular testing to ensure that the material consistently meets our rigorous quality standards.

Durable Glass Surface

The glass surface of the solar modules provides durability. They are proven to withstand significant impacts including falling steel marbles that weigh over 1 kg (2.2 lbs). They are also field tested to support over 300kg (660 lbs) of load per square meter (10.7 ft2).


Industry-leading Workmanship Warranty and Improved 25-year Warranty

Our PV Solar partner Hanwha SolarOne extends its materials and workmanship warranty to 12 years on the modules, and 25 years on performance linear power warranty. We pass these warranties to our clients from our partner illustrating our dedication and commitment to you.

Under the 25-year linear power warranty, our partner Hanwha SolarOne guarantees no less than 97 percent of nominal power output for the typical poly PV modules and 96 percent of nominal power output for the typical mono PV modules in the first year, with a maximum annual output degradation of 0.7 percent for both thereafter. By the end of the 25th year, the actual power output shall be no less than 82 percent of the nominal power output. /p>

Quality & Certification

TÜV, CE, Safety Class II, and UL certifications ensure that the products operate safely and comply with electrical and fire safety codes around the world.

International Product Performance Certifications

IEC Certification ensures our products' performance and reliability.

International Quality Manufacturing Certification

ISO 9001 Certification and TÜV factory inspections confirm that our partner's manufacturing is carried out under proven, internationally-recognized quality control and manufacturing processes.

Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing

ISO 14001 Certification ensures that our partner's manufacturing performs in an environmentally sustainable manner.